Jason Knight Featured as an Expert in RI Lawyers Weekly

The newest issue of RI Lawyers Weekly features attorney Jason Knight in an article on the recent Tempest ruling, in which a 1992 murder conviction was overturned because of improper actions by police and prosecutors. Jason is quoted several times throughout the article, discussing the legal ramifications for prosecutors and defenders:

Providence attorney Jason Knight, who wasn’t involved in the case, thinks Procaccini’s decision contains no shortage of instructive material that lawyers can use in future cases. “Every once in a while it’s very handy to have someone go through and recite the entirety of Brady law, its rules, and what you’re supposed to do,” says Knight, the communications director for the Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. “Never mind whether you believe Mr. Tempest deserves this or not, it’s going to be nice to have this decision as a reference.”

You can read the whole article here: RI Lawyers Weekly: Ruling Seen as Must-Read for Defense, Prosecution It’s always nice to be recognized as an expert!

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